Quilting: A History Of Practicality and Friendship

By Eddie Lamb

American and European quilting traditions started as a way of adding warmth and weight to garments under armor. The tradition diverged slightly from that beginning.

Quilters of the Victorian age used leftover scraps of cloth from previous projects to piece together what was known as a crazy quilt. These quilts usually ended up as a show-piece to decorate their parlours.

American quilters on the other hand, of necessity, created quilts that were more utilitarian in design. They used what material that they had on hand, such as feed sacks, for their fabric blocks to save money. Their aim was to keep their families warm on cold nights and, at times, to make a living selling quilts to single men.

No single quilt design is more popular than the others. Religion, end purpose of the quilt, and region in which it is produced, often are influences in the choice of pattern. One interesting use to which quilt making was put was at a time when paper and ink were not readily available was the recording of history on a local, family and national level.

Other quilt designs were used to express friendship and care to close friends or family. One such design was actually named the friendship quilt. A group of quilters would decide to sew a quilt for a special person. Each participant would make one or more pieces of the quilt. Then the quilt would be pieced together when the group gathered in a quilting circle or bee.

A variation of the friendship quilt is what is known as a signature or autograph quilt. Signatures of friends, family, or from the community are collected on individual quilt pieces. The quilt is then sewn together by an individual quilter or a sewing group for the purpose of commemorating an important event in the recipient's life.

Not every signature quilt is, or was, created for showing friendship. The raising of funds was the goal. Autographs of notable people are collected on quilt blocks. The blocks would then be sewn together to make a quilt that would be auctioned off, or raffled. Another way the signature quilt would be used in raising money was to charge a fee to those in the community who wished to sign a quilt block themselves.

Another use of a quilt design for raising money was the crazy quilt. Quilters would write to famous people for scraps from their clothing for incorporating into their quilt. Then the finished product would be auctioned off for a good cause.

Practicers of the art of quilting are able to use their skills for more than just the providing of warmth or weight to undergarments. Preserving memories and the raising of funds for charity is also a significant part of the tradition of quilting. - 32537

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Sewing Machines Have Evolved Over The Years

By Sarah Macklin

Sewing machines have become one of the modern inventions that completely changed an industry from the very beginning. The Singer company introduced a revolutionary up and down needle machine that greatly increased the speed of sewing many types of fabric. Before that people would sew most things by hand and they quickly realized just how much time they could save by using this new design. Here we are more than 100 years later and these products are still being used today.

From very early on, the sewing machine was designed to be used commercially on factory lines by the workers. These machines were seen as a way to speed up production and increase profits. Many of these models were purpose built for making a specific type of stitch or pattern. When this is factored in with the high price, it is easy to see why many households didn't have a sewing machine at all. This would soon change, however.

The largescale selling of in-home sewing machines didn't really begin until just before 1900. It did create a whole new marketplace, though, as people could now create their own clothing with much less work than before. The first few machines were not very compact but they did work better than doing it the manual way. However, over the years many improvements were made.

Since there have been so many years of production of sewing machine models in this country there is a large antique following. Collectors appreciate all of the historic machines that really tell us where the industry came from. It is quite interesting to look at these models and learn about how they transformed over the years. The innovation is quite remarkable and the results they produce was a big leap forward at that time.

A sewing machine today is powered by electricity but the first machines used a hand crank or foot pedal for power. The older machines were also much larger and heavier where today's models are sleek and portable. The stitch quality is also much higher today but this is really to be expected. Every industry sees great improvements over the years and sewing machines are no different.

The fact that many antique sewing machines are still working today tells you just how well built they are. While it is difficult finding parts for them, many manufacturers do still carry supplies believe it or not. The collector community is also a wealth of knowledge about just what you would need to keep your older machine running for many years.

For well over a hundred years the companies have been improving their sewing machines. People have become very adept at creating unique designs using many types of fabrics. This evolution will continue as an entire industry has evolved into one of the largest you can find today. - 32537

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Local vs. Online Quilt Shops: Which is the Better Option?

By Annie Soregue

If you are looking for a certain fabric for a special project, you may either buy it locally or order it on the Internet. Local and online quilt shops offer various benefits to their customers. And it pays to know these benefits so that you can choose which shopping option suits your needs better.

A great benefit of buying fabric at a brick-and-mortar quilt store is that it allows you to feel the texture of the fabrics it sells. This you cannot do when you shop online, as all you can see are photos of quilts on online product catalogs.

Local quilt shops also have competent and experienced staff that can help you find the fabric you need or choose the right one for your project. The sales personnel of a local quilt shop in your area may even give you suggestions on the best fabric that provides value for your money. And if you frequent a certain store, the staff will already know you and your preferences.

Today, many consumers in need of quilts turn to online quilt retailers that provide vast selection of fabrics as well as convenience, which is something that local shops cannot equal.

If there is no quilt shop located within your area or if you simply have no time to go to a local shop, then shopping for fabric online is your best bet. You just turn on your computer, access the Internet, and find online shops that offer a wide variety of quilts. No need to leave your home!

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to view the product selections of an online distributor that sells quilts. Once you have chosen the fabric that suits your taste and requirements, you can easily place your order on the website. Afterwards, all you have to do is to just wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

A number of quilt shops on the Web sell fabrics at reasonable prices, which cater to customers who are working on a tight budget. When choosing a fabric, make sure you take into account the shipping and handling costs in determining the final price of your order.

Go local or buy online? The answer depends on your needs. But if you want to save time, effort, and money, then shopping online is the better option. - 32537

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Good Ways And Some Tips For Comparing Necchi Sewing Machines

By Leroy Jonsson

Whilst keen on household Necchi sewing machines, consumers should evaluate Necchi sewing machines and also explore the various models that exist. With a purpose to compare embroidery machines or even review Necchi quilting machines, a purchaser should perform a small background work regarding most up-to-date units of machines or even earlier versions that are also for sale. There's lots of on-line discussion boards in which stitching partisans plus pros will often place review articles which examine Necchi sewing machine. Someone might go through up at the advantages and disadvantages of the most up-to-date models of machines before deciding on what sort to invest in.

All those looking for a high quality machine may find that there are various of makes that will create heavy duty models. Necchi, Baby Lock, Singer and Juki are only some models which have a collection of high quality machines. As a way to measure up sewing machines, the client might want to consult with businesses as well as those individuals that have already been utilising these models of machines. People who have knowledge about the high quality Necchi sewing machines brands are able to give suggestions to prospects that are looking for them but not absolutely sure precisely what unit to decide on.

Baby Lock is a model that is sometimes known for its quilt making machines. To be able to evaluate quilt-making models within Baby Lock, a person should definitely search the particular "Merchandise" part within their homepage. The customer should be able to pay attention to the particular features of each version and also evaluate quilting or embroidery machines for various abilities in addition to features. When looking to do a comparison of quilt making machines, the consumer ought to look into the feeding apparatus the machine is designed with. A Necchi quilting machine is able to tackle even the thickest components with out the generator overheating. Even so, a person may need to look on features as well as limitations for the material's thickness to guarantee the machine gives you ample capability to handle the project.

When a end-user is planning to evaluate sewing machines or perhaps examine quilt-making machines, it is very important for the affected individual to check out the details of this machine and in what way it relates to her or his preferences. Even though some machines might have excellent testimonials by former customers, a prospective buyer is probably not keen on a similar product since it would not perform the functions she or he wants it to perform. Necchi along with other manufacturers of sewing machines may well offer varied ranges which are specific to several projects. A consumer will need to evaluate sewing machines that are in the group he or she require.

In order to review Necchi sewing machine or do a comparison of quilt-making devices, a person may need to do a couple of online investigating. Studying some other users' critiques along with suggestions about the different models can be helpful for somebody who is exploring for the ideal machine for their needs. Baby Lock is a brand that provides residential sewing machines, heavy duty machines and quilting devices. The consumer may choose to search through Necchi products in advance of determining which kind of model he or she needs. - 32537

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How To Start Quilting- Learn The Basics

By Holly Sargent

Quilting is done by hand, sewing machine, or perhaps Longarm quilting system, and makes reference to the process of attaching diverse fabric materials and layers to help make a massive flat quilt. Each technique gets use from a needle and thread to merge at the very least two layers of material to form the final product. This particular document is actually being written to be able to let you understand what you require to be able to start quilting.

Making quilts is done back and forth like that all throughout the quilt to secure all the pieces. Mostly, quilters use a running stitch which adds a decorative look to the quilt. Quilts are most often demonstrated on beds, as wall decoration, as clothing and clothes, and inside a couple of several textile products.

Regular quilting generally follows four steps -- piecing, layering, quilting, and binding. Piecing occurs while the quilt top is stitched. The quilt top features small strips or squares of fabric arranged in a pattern. This is typically the colorful and creative part of the quilt. The assembled pieces are called blocks, and they're the elements that are stitched together to form the full quilt top. They are put together in one of two ways - either each pieces is laid along with their edges touching, or sashing ( tiny strips of fabric ) is sewn along the sides of each.

In several instances, one full piece of material is employed for the quilt top instead of pieced together blocks. Quilting occurs whenever the three layers ( top, insulation, and backing ) are stitched together. The quilting uses stitching in an ornamental pattern that frequently follows or enhances the look of the quilt top. Occasionally the top is not pieced but is a solitary piece, and also only the stitching forms the pattern. Binding is the final step to finishing the quilt by adding the perimeters with a piece of trim fabric.

If you'll start quilting by hand, the fundamental equipment you'll need include a thimble to protect your own fingers from the needles, needle & thread to finish the quilting procedure, and a frame or ring to hold the quilt material taut as you work. Ought to you make a decision to use a machine to quilt your craft, basic supplies include safety pins, thread, a walking foot, and a darning foot. Of course, you will also need the materials, insulation, and backing materials from that you'll generate the quilt.

In its original times, quilting had been carried out for necessary purposes instead of for decoration. Some scholars think that quilts were very first made to provide further protection under armor for squaddies in combat. These kinds of quilts had been also used for warmth throughout cold winters as well as cooler weather conditions. The traditional Egyptians are believed to have quilted clothes for warmth and protection - this particular perception is founded on the sculptures that've been discovered with traditional figures dressed in quilted clothing. When of the american colonial period, upper class women engaged in quilting as a showing of their class status.

Although there are plenty of variations to the art of quilting, the 2 most typical types tend to be quilting carried out by hand and quilting carried out through machine. When a quilt is made by machine, the person running the machine runs the material through in the stitch pattern desired whilst the parts of the machine handle the actual procedure of the needle and thread. When hand quilting is done, the frame is mostly used to hold the material solid and tight for the quilter. He or she will then manually pull the needle and thread thru the material to create the stitch pattern.

Quilts are so well-liked partly due to the incontrovertible fact that there tend to be a quantity of fabric patterns, colours, and materials available for creating customized, colorful quilts. Several of these quilts are so unique and personalised that they speedily grow to be family heirlooms. To make a quilt, you must first decide on the style and print of the main part of the quilt. Major hobby and craft stores will carry a large range of these materials, which could be purchased by the yard. In addition to the fabric, you may also have to select insulation, backing, and sashing, which is optional and depends on your preference. I hope that this has help you make a decision to start quilting. - 32537

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Embroidery History

By David John Jordan

Embroidery has held a special place in cultures around the world for thousands of years. While its origins are unclear, there are surviving examples from China, which are estimated to have been created as early as the 5th-3rd century BC. Evidence also points to the presence of embroidery in Ancient Egypt, the Middle East, pre-historical Japan and South America.

Amazingly, this folk art has survived through the years and has been a symbol of prestige. Here are a few examples of embroidery in the world.

The importance of embroidery in Medieval Europe is evident in the Bayeaux Tapestry, a significant historical documentation. Depicting the exploits of William the Conqueror, the Norman Invasion of Britain and the Battle of Hastings, it is actually an embroidered cloth, not a tapestry, and was probably sewn by nuns. Approximately 20 inches high and spanning 250 feet, it is both a record of history and an example of the high status given to embroidery at that time.

In Mongolia today, Kazakh women begin working on elaborate embroidered wall hangings when their children are very young to serve as a future wedding present. Kazakhs live in tents called 'ger', and use the hangings to line the inner walls, hiding the wooden lattice framework from view and providing insulation plus cheerful and colorful decoration.

The Kazakh women use a hand chain stitch technique while using a special bradle tool. They select a traditional design with bright geometric patterns. One panel is always blank to give honor to the Muslim belief that only God can make something perfect and complete. Each hanging is individual and unique because they embroider names, dates, and symbolic protections while all along keeping them a part of ancient tradition.

Young girls in the Qiang nation of China are taught from a young age to embroider that they may master it by the time they get married. Their embroidery skills determine her intelligence, diligence and dexterity. Most embroideries are to bring luck to its recipient. A cigarette case will be embroidered for the love interest of a young unmarried woman. She may also embroider two birds flying harmoniously to symbolize lasting unity and love. The elderly might receive embroidered symbols of health and longevity while children may receive protection from evil spirits and images of flowers symbolizing healthy growth. - 32537

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The Application Of Machine Embroidery And How It Can Assist You

By Jason Nyback

When people talk about embroidery, it can be said that they are speaking about the handicrafts that involve stuffs like needle and thread in its making procedure. But besides these things, there are still the other stuffs that may play a vital roles in embroidery. These other stuffs comprise sequins, metal strips, quills, pearls and beads.

There is a standard characteristic that has been maintained in terms of embroidery. The most primitive stitches of the embroidery methods which were used at very old times, remain just as vital as it used to be. The stitches that are involved in the embroidery are like the satin stitch, cross stitch, chain stitch, and the running stitch as well as the blanket or buttonhole stitch. Although there are no clear facts that will adequately describe where embroidery had originated from, there are in fact some examples that have made their ways to survive for all this time. The instances that survive came from the Zhou dynasty in China, Egypt and part of the northern Europe.

Embroidery is not as easy as people imagine. It's very essential to pay full attention to the process of tailoring, patching, mending and reinforcing clothes in the process of sewing. The other issue that can as well results in embroidery art is the possibility to craft in a very wide variety of decorations.

Besides the hand embroidery, machine embroidery has been introduced. This machine embroidery was developed at the early times of the Industrial Revolution. Besides the hand embroidery, embroidery stitches machine is a choice that a large number of people prefer that may be why the machine embroidery is now very heavily applied. The significant application of the machine embroidery is meant for a wide range or purposes, including advertising of companies, the branding of product and uniform adornment along with personal craft and stitching projects.

The machine embroidery will be thought-about into two main types. They are the free motion sewing machine embroidery and the computerized machine embroidery. With the utilization of the free motion machine embroidery, it is necessary to use a stitching machine which is basically zigzag. This kind of machine embroidery will need the person to be able to run the stitching machine simultaneously doing a tight move underneath the needle so as to be able of making even stitches. With this free motion machine embroidery, the person should then sew the embroidery style manually. The person might use the conventional running stitch together with the fancy stitching possibility at the person's choice.

Meanwhile, for the computerized machine embroidery, all that are necessary is just the sewing machine. Especially in these modern days, typically the machines that are applied for the machine embroidery are electronically managed by computers. Besides, they're too already engineered exclusively for the aim of machine embroidery. The machines that are used for machine embroidery possesses hooping system that functions to hold the framed space on the foundation material as well as to secure it beneath the needle. The hooping system can then automatically move the foundation material around. The machines used for machine embroidery can make the necessary moves to create the design pattern that is read from a file on the computer. - 32537

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